Wikipedia Profile Creation for Promotional Purposes

How to Create a Wikipedia Page – Step-by-Step Approach
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How to start a blog & Wikipedia profile for promotional purposes

Wikipedia Profile Creation for Promotional Purposes

Wikipedia is a multilingual encyclopedia that offers meaningful information. Being launched in 2001, Wikipedia offers about 5,722,807 articles in 300+ languages. The website has about 18 billion page views along with 500+ million unique visitors.
The website offers open-door policy and allows almost everyone to make an edit. Though the website has received mixed reviews from competitors for including truth, half-truth, and controversial media, but Wikipedia gained the title of “The Good Cop” by the Washington Post. With such a massive subscribers’ base, Wikipedia can make a business go successful online.
But, adding content on Wikipedia isn’t easy as it sounds. Thus, in this article, we are going to reveal how to start your blog and create Wikipedia profile for promoting your business. Read along to discover everything:

How to Create a Wikipedia Page – Step-by-Step Approach

Below are the steps that you can follow to create your page on Wikipedia:

Perform Your Research

Before writing any content on Wikipedia, you need to know about the Wikipedia community. You should know about the ins and outs of being a decent Wikipedia professional, as it ensures your page isn’t deleted or challenged after submission. You can read different articles before creating your own.

Create an Account

You can become a registered user through making changes to one of the existing Wikipedia pages. Interestingly, account creation is simple and it is suggested that you pick your genuine name and email address.

Begin with Small

It is wise to start with small edits to current pages. This will test your skills prior to creating new content. Many people start editing pages that they are aware of. For instance, you can begin with adding meaningful information to a content that you find on internet, but be prepared to add a reliable reference to back it up.
By making slight changes, you can get familiar with content management system and build a Wikipedia profile. The moment you create an account, any change you make on Wikipedia is kept on record that is accessible to everyone.
Fortunately, with sufficient editing and activities creation, you can achieve the title of “Auto-Confirmed User”. It will allow you to perform exclusive functions such as image upload and moving a page to public space.

Gather Sources

When you feel to write for Wikipedia, start with gathering sources for the article. In this way, you will save a lot of time during writing. In addition, sources play a key role in Wikipedia. In reality, Wikipedia serves as an encyclopedia not a source for promotion. Everything on a page should be verified, and provide users with valid information about a product or service. Only through this way, you can promote a product on Wikipedia.
If you happen to be a celebrity or public figure, still you cannot just sit and write on Wikipedia. Having said, you will require third party sources such as magazines, articles, video, and more media to support information.
All the content that you add on Wikipedia must be factual and impartial. For instance, if you’re creating a page about a gadget, you should include information about the competitors along with the links to their websites. The information you include shouldn’t be accused of any misrepresentation. Also, you should include images that you own or the ones that aren’t subject to copyrights.

Write Copies

Besides the above-mentioned steps, you should be ready to write and post Wikipedia content. In addition, you can add a page to Sandbox that will allow you to format it. Formatting a page with “Wiki Code” can take a while. Many times, people face disapproval on their content, as Wikipedia guidelines are strict. But, by choosing Professional Wikipedia Writers, you will have more chances for content approval.

Page Submission

Upon completion of your page, you can check if it is error-free. You can finally submit the page to Wikipedia for review. It can take about few days to weeks or even more to receive a response from Wikipedia.

Why Should You Create a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is considered as an evergreen encyclopedia that contains pages, articles, and in-depth knowledge about the most complex subject. Now, if you’re thinking about why exactly you should create a Wikipedia page, then below are the top reason for it:
  • You can promote about an industry-reshaping technology that your company has invented. This technology can belong to either the mechanical to electric industry


  • You can highlight how notable your company or founder is. Wikipedia editor offers a “Notability” test to identify if Wikipedia permits your subject. In case, your company has innovated a product, then your company might be a good candidate

Final Words

Wikipedia is one of the largest online platform for reliable information. So far, we have revealed the steps to start a blog and profile on Wikipedia for promotion. You should review the policies and guidelines provided by Wikipedia to ensure your write-ups aren’t disapproved.
In addition, understanding the writing style and tone of other writers will help you produce quality-content. Many Wikipedia editors suggest paying close attention to the key policies such as keeping an impartial point of view and avoiding controversies.

Though you can promote a product on Wikipedia by staying unbiased about it, but you need to understand that Wikipedia pages can’t be treated as marketing collateral, and thus they represent impartial point of views about any subject.

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