Protect Your Cat and Home from Fleas

Protect Your Cat
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Protect Your Cat and Home from Fleas

Most effective flea treatment for cats depends on a couple of things. Flea is a small bug that lives on another animals’ body. Cats get flea attack eventually. Later on, we can see cat scratching its body, having an irritated look on face and behavior. Without proper treatment, a flea can reproduce by sucking blood from the cat’s body. So, you should think of treating them. After all, the cat is the most lovable animal to us.

To keep your favorite cat’s health well, you should treat the flea faster. I am also a cat lover. So, I am sharing the views of best flea treatment for cats in this short article.

First of all, a top-quality flea insecticide or pesticide must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You need to look after the product you are choosing. EPA approved products contain effective ingredients those will kill the fleas and ticks. Also, nourish the skin of the cats.

What to avoid:

There are several harmful contents you should avoid in choosing a top-rated flea killer for cats.

Tetrachlorvinphos is one of these dangerous chemicals for environment and humans. You may get nausea, dizziness, illusion or confused mind etc. due to the overexposure of this ingredient. This is not safe for kids.

Pyrethroids is another one. This can make you numb sometimes. Itching, rashes, burning, stinging etc. also can happen. Though it is also known as etofenprox and flumethrin.

Pyrethrins create metabolism problems for the cats. You will see cats vomiting, shaking a bit, breathing rapidly, having hypothermia or seizure etc. problems when you use flea killer having Pyrethrins.

There are more similar artificial chemicals come in the flea killers. These are the reasons to avoid chemical treatment for the fleas.

Now after avoiding these, you may need to know what can be the best solution. Well, nothing to fear when I am here.

Protect Your Cat

What to choose:

Flea killers or treatments are of multiple types. Liquid, oral, shampoos, sprays, collar etc. are popular ways to kill the fleas or ticks.

Liquid flea and tick solutions are concentrated. Generally, you need to rub the liquid on cat’s body. This type of treatment is highly effective to kill the larvae, mature flea. But it’s not faster as oral treatment can do. Oral treatments can be used directly or mixing with foods. This helps to purify the blood and lessen the activities of fleas on the body. This is because oral medication can reach the bloodstream.

Cat shampoos or sprays work almost similarly to humanly used shampoos. They make cats shiny, the fur becomes smooth and soft. Internally, there won’t be any flea or ticks.

Also be careful of the smell of the product or medicine you are about to use. Don’t choose anything that can cause breathing problem or unpleasant.


You should always prefer the non-toxic, green formula of flea treatments. There are many popular, recommended by animal doctors’ medications available for killing ticks or fleas of cats. Do not buy anything that has a bad effect on the environment. Babies love to stay close to the cats. So, you should be aware of ingredients used in the medicines.


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