How to pick up domain name for your first blog

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The most effective method to Start A Blog

Since you know why you should Blog, let us discuss how you can begin a Blog.

I’ll console focuses as we talk through this theme. So the way toward beginning a blog requires purchasing a domain name and hosting services.

I prescribe paid method over the free strategy accessible in the market; I’ll console focuses as we talk through this point.

So the way toward beginning a blog requires purchasing a domain name and hosting facility.

Pick a Domain Name

Give us a chance to discuss the total nuts and bolts of Domain Names.

So what are Domain Names?

Each machine that interfaces with the web has a one of a kind location known as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, Here is the thing that an IP advertisement dress resembles – Presently every site on the web is put away on a machine some place on the planet and that machine likewise has an IP address, so to get to any of the sites, you will require the IP address of the machine that is utilized to store the site.

So envision composing to get to ‘’ or recalling all the IP locations of the sites that you frequently visit, sounds agonizing, isn’t that so?

Well here is the place we were given a help as Domain Names.

Domain Names are remarkable names given to sites that are significantly more easy to understand and simple to recollect. So when you compose ‘,’ ‘’ is the Domain name of Google Inc. which is connected to the IP address of the machine where all the site information is put away.

So you won’t ever need to recall an IP address, you simply need to recollect the Domain Name, which is a great deal more advantageous.

So how would you pick an Domain name?

The area that you pick must be one of a kind on the planet, so take as much time as is needed in the event that you need to think of a name that is unique however by one means or another speaks to you generally suitably.

Here is the thing that I would do: Brainstorm around 15-20 Domain names that you think exceptionally portray you and your blog.

Give us a chance to assume you wish to begin a wellness blog, so your conceptualize rundown may look something like this:,,,

What I would do next is, limit the rundown to around 3-5 Domain names.

When you have that, go to any of the accompanying sites:

Check whether the domain names are accessible or not, don’t get them now, we are here just to test the accessibility of the Domain names. So relying upon the accessibility of the area names, you can pick the best Domain name among the parcel.

Domain Name Extension

I would prefer not to dive into an excessive number of specialized insights about space names, however it is imperative that you think about Domain Name Extension. So when you go to ‘www.-’ on your program, the ‘.com.’ Part is the augmentation for the area name ‘Google.’

So for what reason is this critical? All things considered, a great deal of Domain Name suppliers offer numerous domain name expansions at energizing costs, yet I emphatically recommend that you go for the ‘.com’ domain extention.

The ‘.com’ Domain name augmentation gives a feeling of worldwide interest to your gathering of people which encapsulates trust. On the off chance that you would like to emerge of the group, you can go for an out of control Domain name expansion, pick shrewdly however.


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