Top Five Healthy Heart Tips to start from today

Healthy Hearth Tips
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Healthy Heart Tips is most important for today’s world.
Everyone is aware that regular exercise and balanced diet can keep our heart healthy. But are we aware that what other way to keep our hear beat stronger? Here listing five points key to follow every day that help heart to work more efficiently. Include these few good habits into your daily lifestyle and keep your heart healthy for you.
Big NO to trans fats – Eat only healthy fats

Fat is the one of the essential part of our diet, including saturated and polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. But, we don’t need the trans fat, which increase the chance of risk in developing heart disease or a stroke over a lifetime. Easting trans fat can clogs your arteries by raising your bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and reducing your good cholesterol levels (HDL). By cutting trans fat from your diet, you increase the blood flow throughout your body. Drinking green tea also help us in reducing the Fat.

So, what do we mean by trans fats?

Trans fats are industry-produced fats and often used in packaged baked foods, snack items, margarines and fried junk foods items to add its flavor and texture.

Gudtoknow – We should reduce eating such food items that contains trans fats.

Good Dental Hygiene Practice – especially flossing your teeth daily

Overall health can also be monitored thru good dental health that includes your heart, people have periodontal (gum) disease are also often have the same risk factors for heart disease. Researcher are continue with their study on this topic, but many studies have shown that the bacteria in mouth can increase the chance in developing gum disease which can further move into the bloodstream and may also increase risk in elevation of C-reactive protein, a indicator for inflammation in the blood vessels. This change in our blood vessels may turn into increasing risk of heart disease and a stroke.

Gudtoknow – Daily flossing and brushing of your teeth can keep gum disease at bay. Gum disease are often more than cavities you may have to deal with.

Good Night Sleep – The key for good hearth health

Good night sleep is an essential to keep the heart more healthy. It is no matter what is your age or other health habits, if you don’t take enough sleep, you may have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. There is one study done on 3,000 adults over the age of 45 years and found that, people who slept less than 6 hours per night were about twice chance to have a stroke or heart attack as compare to people who slept six to eight hours per night. Studies showed the result that sleeping too little can cause disruptions in underlying biological processes and health conditions, which also include your blood pressure and inflammation.

Gudtoknow – Sleep is the priority. Ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep in most of the nights. If you have sleep apnea, this should be treated, as this condition is linked to heart disease and arrhythmias.

Sitting too long at one time

It is observed and suggested in recent research that staying seated for too long periods is bad for your health, it also doesn’t matter that how much exercise you do. This has come up as bad news for the many employees who have sedentary sit at jobs for all the day. Researchers also found in various study that those who have sat the most, there was a good number of people increase in cardiovascular events and increase in death caused by these events. In addition, it is also found that sitting for too long periods of the time (especially while travelling) increases your chance of getting risk of deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot).

Gudtoknow – It is important to walk and move throughout the day. Park vehicle farther away from the office, shorter walks throughout the day. Use standing work station so you can move up and down. Make a daily 30 mins exercise schedule for on most the days.

Passive Smoking or Second-hand smoke is like the plague – Avoid it.

Studies also showed that people exposed to second hand smoking is having 25 to 30 percent risk of developing heart disease as compare to other people avoiding it. It is also observed that tobacco smoke exposure can contributes to about 34,000 premature deaths due heart disease and 7,300 people died due to lung cancer each year. Those who doesn’t not smoke but have high blood pressure levels or high blood cholesterol levels are also have greater risk of developing a heart disease when they’re exposed to passive smoking. The chemicals emitted from a cigarette smoke also promote in developing the plaque build-up in the arteries of passive smoker.

Gudtoknow : Health is wealth, we need to firm with people smokes that you do not want to be around environmental smoke — and we need to keep our kids away from that second-hand smoke.

For healthy heart, these five tips will favor.

This will also enable you to be more active with a healthy heart lifestyle.

Photo Credit by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash


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