How to Sleep Better – Best Proven Tactics You Can Use Tonight

Good night sleep
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Good night sleep is as equally important as our daily activities like Exercise, Diet, Office, Training etc.

It keeps us healthy, regulates our hormones, gives us mental peace or clarity, happiness, refresh us daily…….

While taking about the sleep there are two foremost questions come to our mind that “How often do you take some time out to unwind yourself before going to bed?  Are we ending up doing our chores, working, or watching television right up till the time we hit to the time?”

Often a bad night’s sleep leaves us peculiar, exhausted, tired and sad. If you want to know how to sleep good…if you can’t sleep at most of the night…you’re tired but you can not sleep…you want to learn how to get to sleep faster…how to avoid waking up in the mid of the night…how to sleep better…how to sleep faster.

Here are proven tactics to sleep better:

1. Make A bedtime Routine

It is also very important that we need to make a bedtime routine for the better good night sleep. Bed time routine is simply a way to train your brain to start winding down for the night. Now day’s our life is very busy, and the brain is not just going to flip to “sleep mode” because the clock says it’s time to go to bed. We need to look at what we’re doing in the hour or so before bedtime. Motivating activities like tidying the house or answering emails can make it harder to fall asleep. Doing office work or playing video games, staring the Smart phone screen can keep you sleep disturb and unable to fall asleep. It is noted that little transition time, where you focus on calming activities, can make a huge difference when it’s time to turn out the light and go to sleep.

2. It is time to impose an Electronic Screen curfew:

In the recent researches it is also prove that looking at Smart Phone, TV or computer screen continuously for 90 minutes before sleep time will disrupt the sleep. Staring at the artificial blue light generated by these electronic screens suppresses your melatonin secretion and triggers your body to produce more daytime hormones like cortisol. Melatonin helps you get deep, anabolic sleep. It is to note that you may be able to fall asleep soon after using your electronics.

These electronic screen disorients your body’s natural preparation for sleep, which means you will wake up tired. We need to ensure to switching off all electronics two hours before sleep.

3. Black Out Your Room:

The quality of sleep is dependent on magical biochemical produced by your brain pineal grand called melatonin. We humans sleep more deeply in a dark environment due to this biochemical production. When we were staying in the cave during stone age we slept when the sun went down and in darkness. In today’s world, we have so much artificial light in our day to day lives like light-bulbs & electronics; we are not sleeping in total dark room. If we have any light source coming to our bedroom can disrupt our sleep patterns. Our skin has receptors that pick up the lights. Incase there’s light in your room, your body will sense it and send messages to the brain that interferes with your sleep. It is recommended that we should have heavy curtains that completely block out outside light. We need to make our room as a cave. Ensure to eliminate all the sources including air conditioner, alarm clock etc with its white or blue digits and cover it up before sleep. So it is recommended to complete black out your room and sleep in darkness. It will certainly improve your sleep dramatically.

4. Get More Day light or Sunlight:

Study has proved that getting enough sunlight, especially early morning sunlight that helps you sleep better at night. Every human has fitted with natural biological clock that also called your “circadian rhythm”.  It’s always want to know when it’s daytime and when it night time. We need to make sure to go outside, stand in the sun for little time and sense your body that when it is daytime. As you expose your body to day light, your body “wakes up” and trigger natural daytime hormones. The body clock is most responsive to early morning sun light, especially in between 6am and 8:30am. It is suggested when you wake up, go for at least 30 minutes walk. Also, if you are in an office away from natural light, go outside after lunch for a 15 – mins walk and expose your body to direct sunlight. This walk in sunlight will give message to your circadian rhythm that it is daytime. Also later when the sun goes down and you have switch off all the artificial lights in your blackened-out room…your body clock will come to know it is night time and be ready for sleep itself. This will certainly help in sleep well through the night until wake up refreshed and go outside in the sun again.

5. Exercise In the Morning :

In a research it is found that morning workouts are best if you want to get the best sleep at night. So many researchers track that the sleep patterns of participants who worked out at three different times: 7am, 1pm or 7pm. People who exercised at 7am slept longer and deeper than the other two groups & they had up to 75% more time in the deep sleep stage at night. Incase one don’t have the choice but to exercise in the afternoon or evening, try to do it at least 4 hours before sleep. It is purely because of the body temperature rises with a workout and your body must be as cool as possible to sleep best.

6. Figure Out Your Best Sleeping Position

This is the ultimate question to know what is the best sleeping position suits to you. Number of  research supporting and refuting almost every imaginable sleep position. It has only one obvious conclusion that there is no such thing as the “best” sleeping position. It varies by person to person basis the gender, age, health condition, level of fitness, etc. We first need to figure out what is the good position works best for YOU.


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