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According to Dr. Marc Grossman, a Chinese medicine disciple which goes back to more than two millennia states that almost all the diseases of the eye are closely related to the liver, especially of the cornea and the iris that are connected mostly to the liver.

The interlinked anomalies

Myopia, blurry vision, dry eye syndrome, floaters and halos as well as colour blindness are due to deficiencies in the liver blood, a true fact to a certain extent. Anaemia or scarring of the liver leads to deficiency in liver blood whereas both the problems hampers smooth blood flow through the liver which results in various complications of the eyes. Most of the eye anomalies are a result of liver heat which is internal inflammation, caused mostly by alcoholism.

And then involuntary turning or upward movement of the eye might’ve something to do with the internal liver wind which is due to extreme heat presence. High emotional stress and increase in blood pressure trigger various eye anomalies. Just as the neck bone is connected to the spinal cord, the same goes for eyes and liver. Dr. Grossman says:

“A human body doesn’t work in series or isolation but as a whole, dynamic and integrated living system. Since every cell present in the body has a neurotransmitter receptors, it makes every cell a nerve cell eventually and biological awareness of this lies in the vision.”

Healthy liver tends to be open and softer which allows free flow of energy and blood throughout the body and directly to the eyes. A healthy liver is effective is keeping the blood clean and pure which directly improves the eyesight. Rejuvenating the liver is directly associated to a healthy vision and maintaining it isn’t too much difficult.

The appropriate diet

Beta carotene; a compound occurring naturally in pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy green vegetables and cabbage, is a powerful immune system booster. It also helps in cleansing the blood and eliminates inflammation of the liver.

Some of the most notable liver-rejuvenating herbs are Burdock, Barberry, Nettle, Taraxacum, Scute root and Nettle; all of which can be easily purchased as liver-cleaning products at many different grocery and drug stores. These nutrients are best known to us as ‘antioxidants’ whereas two of the strongest are lutein and zeaxanthin; both occur naturally in the eyes with a significant concentration in the retina and eye lens.

Both lutein and zeaxanthin protects our eyes from damaging UV blue-light and as we age, the two antioxidants protect the eyes from downgrading of the vision. Proper intake of both antioxidants through external dietary sources prevents development and progression of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is yet another antioxidant, crucial for a healthy liver and eyes. Medical research and studies revealed that this antioxidant helps in dissolving toxic substances in the liver and prevent cataracts.

Any vision or eye related issue must be reported immediately at an eye specialist doctor for proper diagnosis of the onset and treatment as per the patient’s specific makeup.


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