Education in 50 years: A Futurist’s perspective

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Education is an important source that applies to success in the contemporary world. Meaning of word ‘bring’ Education basically makes human beings human. People start learning and learning since the start of human history. In the past people struggled to get education very much. Education has developed at this time. Currently, educated people can get success in the world. Unemployment is impossible.

Education helps an individual who lives honorable. Developed in a country’s development proves more helpful. This is an important role in economic and social prosperity. Career Wars, Education is the basis for developing people by providing information about humanity around the world. People in the society get new ideas in life that look at economic and social life. Education enables society to interpret worldwide, new methods and resources comply with their environmental environment.

Contrary to the methods of teaching in the past, it is easy to study one day now. New technology, books, and many other things have made it easy to study.

In my future, according to the education of the future, it will be more modern than the past and present. Future science and technology will be very wonderful with the promotion of education. Internet is playing an important role in educating the Internet and will be very helpful in the future. Everything in the future will be connected to the world of Internet. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and whatever can be done today, will be a lot of upgrades. In the next 50 years, we will be able to open a book sitting at home with just a hint. With holographic technology, everything else will be presented before us in front of the LCD or in front of the LCD. Even children are not able to go to school even at 1-3 years even at home; many new things will be learned with this technology.

As always a picture has two faces, it is bright, while others are dark in this way, in two ways can be studied in the next fifty years. Education can be very easy in the next fifty years because everything in the house will reach the student. Schools and colleges will not have to carry large and heavy bags. And all the lessons and lectures will be provided online due to the development of science and technology. But so many problems may arise. Students will be very slow and inactive and many problems will rotate due to their inactivity. Sit in the house will meet everything that will ruin your health.

In the next 50 years, education can be a little difficult for students because new ideas are being discovered and discovery and students have to read everything that becomes burden on them to understand everything at the very least It will be beneficial. You have to lose something to get something because of them. There are many countries in the world, including developing and developing countries. After 50 years the educational system will be different in both. It will be very good in the developing countries, but it will not grow in developing countries, as countries are on the way to science and technology. In the next fifty years, education system will be completely transformed into schools, colleges and universities. The study will be very easy. Science and technology will play an important role in future and education, but it will not reduce the importance of teacher. There is a teacher’s guide in a student’s entire life. She guides and educates them well and teaches them and will also play an important role in the teacher’s career in the future. Even if students can get knowledge from earlier resources like Internet, they still need a teacher. Teachers will teach them properly in schools, colleges and universities. The student’s role in life cannot be ignored.

A teacher is considered a student’s “spiritual father”. A student can learn all the world’s knowledge but he cannot understand it without the help of a teacher. Without a teacher, students will engage and join other activities. They will be reduced and their interest in getting education will end. The advance technology will help teachers to better educate their better education. A golden story is: –

“Get to know the tomb from the baby’s side.”

In the next fifty years, a teacher’s role in a student’s life will be the same as it exists. As a student well-managed and well-managed, a student can also be well-esteemed. He will respect his elders and his teachings

In the next fifty years, a student’s life will also be completely changed. Now one day, students are very hard for them. They go to school early in the morning, school tuition and again have to be read at home. Their entire day is spent in this routine and they do not have time. In the future, students will not have to do this difficult because they are bad for their health and education, not to bring it to mean. The unemployment rate is very high in the present days. Many children will not go to school in many countries of the world, but in the future it will change, and every child will get education, because education is the right to everyone. In the next fifty years, education system will be better than today.

In short, whatever setting of future education can be a major contribution to technology. Technology will also play an important role in educating students with the teachers of technology. If all teachers are well educated, they will play a better role and collaborate with teachers and new technology as well as future students will be the best and they will take their country or country to the developmental injuries.


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